Dr. Spector is an MA, PhD in philosophy, and scholar of social and intellectual history. She has studied spirits for more than a quarter century, working in both distillery and archive gathering the tales and knowledge that she brings to her presentations.

She has written and spoken widely about spirits, cocktails, and history, as well as moral philosophy, the sex industry, and other issues that don't usually come up until well into one of her tastings. She can make the history of excise tax fascinating, and Scotch tastings unintimidating for even the most reticent. She has a particular interest in areas society considers taboo, and people whose stories often go untold.

Dr. Spector teaches about drink culture and ethics at Yale University. Her most recent writings include a book on cocktails, and contribution to an upcoming series from Bloomsbury Press on the cultural history of prostitution. She is currently researching a book on sense of place and liquor.

Professor Spector founded The Academy Drinks™ as a division of The Academy devoted to spirits, cocktails, and drink culture.

The Academy Drinks offers virtual and in-person presentations and seminars, as well as bespoke tastings. Dr. Spector is also available for consulting work.