Professor Spector has spent years studying the history and culture of drink: in distilleries, archives, bars, warehouses, archaeologic sites, and by learning from people who hold irreplaceable generational knowledge in their heads. At The Academy Drinks,™ she offers private seminars and presentations combining this work with her academic experience as a professor of social and intellectual history and moral philosophy. So as you savor her stories and enjoy her drinks, you can rest assured that they are historically sound, philosophically deep, and either locally or remotely sourced (depending on theme). Whether it's "wine, women, and song," or whisky, men, and metal — or a combination — The Professor is in.™


From vertical tastings within a brand or spirit type, to classes incorporating cocktails, Dr. Spector will work with you to plan the perfect event for your group.


Dr. Spector has been speaking to diverse audiences internationally for decades, on topics in history, ethics, the sex industry and drink culture. She works with clients on developing each unique presentation to fit their needs. Past topics have subjects have included art and alcohol, tax and trade history, and prostitution and prohibition (although rhyming is not required).


For bars and restaurants, good staff training in spirits and cocktails is important — especially now. Dr. Spector provides clear, fast, and fun training sessions, enabling staff to make and sell better drinks.