On the Road

whiskey bottles

If you were to go to a brewery/winery/distillery, what would you bring home?

When I first started visiting distilleries, my choices were different than they are now. I used to be interested in getting things I could only get on site. Then I moved away from that, not wanting to buy something I could never replace. Now I think “oh who cares, enjoy it while it lasts.”

warehouse sign

I don’t think any of these choices are right or wrong. I’m just curious what other people are interested in if/when they visit a place that makes something they like. Do you go for the one-time experience, or try to find a replicable one? Or something else entirely?

My current obsession happens to be newmake spirit (aka white dog) because it helps me understand the character of a spirit produced by a distillery. And Sometimes I like to experiment with something I’ve never heard of.  And sometimes I like an old favorite in a very cool bottle. This photo shows a sample of all 3 from my current trip through Kentucky: a bottle of @makersmark new make spirit, a bottle of @wattieboone from @preservation_distillery and @willettdistillery gorgeous Bourbon bottle modeled after their pot still.

I’ve also learned it’s very hard to take a classy picture of booze bottles in a hotel room with a bed in the background. Props to folks who make that look easy.

bottle sealing picture